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At Inspector 55, we provide an extensive home inspection service tailored for home buyers like you. Based In Alvin TX and servicing greater Houston and surrounding areas, our certified inspectors examine essential systems required by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Our detailed report provides valuable insights for informed home purchase decisions.

Comprehensive Home Inspection for Buyers in Alvin, Houston and Surrounding Areas

At Inspector 55, we offer a comprehensive home inspection service designed specifically for home buyers in Alvin and the greater Houston area. Our certified inspectors conduct thorough examinations of all critical systems, spanning from the roof to the foundation, which encompasses in-depth checks and assessments of the electrical system, plumbing, air conditioning, heating, water heater, doors, windows, attic insulation, all appliances, and beyond. We provide an in-depth report that offers valuable insights to guide your home buying decisions, with the help of clear images and easy-to-understand descriptions of our inspection findings.

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With 40 years of experience, trust Inspector 55 for your home buyers inspection. We conduct thorough inspections of essential systems and provide valuable insights for informed decisions. Our reports highlight crucial findings, and we deliver personalized service for a hassle-free experience.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Inspection Process

Our thorough inspection process starts with scheduling a convenient time for the inspection. On-site, our skilled inspectors focus on potential issues and areas of concern. After inspection, receive a detailed report to make informed decisions for your Alvin, TX home.

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